Your Options for Hair Transplant

10 Sep


Hair transplants these days are now more common as they did before since it serves as the most effective way of restoring your hair. In this surgery, the hair follicles that aren’t vulnerable to balding are taken and then, it is replanted via surgery into the balding area such as the front hairline or top of the head.

Due to the reason that the transplanted hair is not genetically programmed to stop growing, most of it will keep growing for the rest of your life. In return, this is going to give you with a fuller head of hair and youthful look. As you undergo this procedure, it can offer plenty of benefits when compared to other known treatments for hair loss.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of options that interested individuals may go through and these include FUT, FUE and scar revision. You are going to learn more about each option from Komao Medical as you keep on reading the next lines.

Number 1. FUT – this basically stands for Follicular Unit Transplant and is also the most popular kind of hair transplant performed. There are instances in which it is called as FUSS or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery.

Using this method, narrow strip of hair is taken from back of the scalp where you are not susceptible to thinning. The grafts from strip are separated and then, it’s implanted on top of the balding areas. The donor area would be closed using staples or sutures and it will be removed after several days or when it is absorbed by the skin. There are few factors that can affect the healing process which might or might not cause scars. Be sure to see page here!

But the benefit, you can get lots of grafts to be transplanted in a single session so the results are oftentimes drastic.

Number 2. FUE – this is otherwise called as Follicular Unit Extraction and is more of a newer technique. In this method, it is harvesting separately every hair follicle from the side and back of the head. Then after, every follicle will be transplanted to the balding area. In this method, it is rare to see any scalpel strip cutting or even deep surgery.

For this reason, patients are able to recover faster and also, there are less scars likely to happen.

Number 3. Scar revision – this is for men who have poor results with their previous hair transplant and want to have it fixed. For the reason that there are newer methods applied today, it becomes simpler among surgeons to do touch ups on procedures with poor results. Discover more facts about cosmetics at

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